Stylish Hound

2n1 Lick Bowl


Meet the 2n1 Lick Bowl! A silicone, non-toxic, food grade bowl that will keep your dogs stimulated for hours of indoor fun! Hounds who like to gobble their grub up in seconds will absorb their nutrients better. Timid cuties who don't necessarily love their grooming routines (think bathing, nail clipping, brushing) will be calmed. All pups will benefit from a little mental stimulation.

  • Encourage slow eating

  • Deeper sides than a lick mat to hold full meals

  • Suction back

Note: Fun should always be had alongside human supervision to keep pups safe. Keep the product out of your hound’s reach after playtime has ended.

21.4cm wide x 18.8cm long x 3cm thick

100% food grade silicone

Hand wash in warm water
When removing suction from surface: Slowly and carefully 'peel' the suction one by one to avoid damaging and/or ripping the suction.

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